About This Goose

Originally from London but living and settled here in Ireland with my Husband and Son, I started out as a fitness Instructor, living and breathing fitness and carrot sticks, which have now been swapped with a glass of wine and a tasty curry – its good to grow up!Claudette

While working as a Fitness Instructor I also ran a small Stenciling Company which was the ‘in thing’ back in the 90’s, but I decided to give all this up and move back home with my Mum to study Fashion & Make-up at The London College of Fashion which had always been a dream of mine to attend, as I am passionate about colour, make-up, art and all things creative…..

Having worked as a freelance make-up artist in London – I decided I needed a bigger challenge and a new adventure, so in 2000 I upped sticks and moved to Ireland, where I met my Husband Seán, and for ten years I set up and ran a number of top Dublin Spa’s, before deciding to go back to the world of cosmetics where I worked for the worlds largest luxury brand LVMH, but in 2010 our gorgeous Son Felix was born – life was to never to the same again..

So after much debate I left the glamorous world of LVMH to set up, swapping trips back and forth to London with my small but cosy studio at home.

All my prints are different, exciting and unique – I take great pride in all that I create and each item is made with love and care

Goosemoose specialises in personalised gifts each print is designed to suit your occasion – I believe in creating lovely things and unique products.

So take a look for yourself and feel free to contact me with any questions – I hope you like what you see….

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